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SHOE STORAGE: save your home from mud, mud, glorious mud!

Posted by admin_vintage 24/01/2018 0 Comment(s) Home Furnishings,

This time of year no matter how hard we try, the dirty elements still manage to make their way into our home. Whether it is the dog bringing in those muddy paws or the kids flinging their wellies off in the hallway…just to trip over as you all pile in out of the driving rain.

We have done the research and not everyone wants a huge shoe cupboard or shoe cabinet clogging up their entrance way. So we decided that a smart looking apple crate would do the trick nicely. One of the main benefits of an open top crate is the kids can just fling their welly boots in without having to open a cupboard door with dirty hands first. It also becomes quite fun as the kids like aiming the boots in! Win, win!

So with that in mind we created the “Muddy Boots” crate and it has been flying out the door since it’s launch. It serves as an alternative to a welly boot rack or stand and gives that stylish rustic look to your storage.

We have had some fantastic blogger reviews lately from all sorts of people from mummy & daddy bloggers, to lifestyle & country living influencers to name a few. We even had little Matilda, who’s mummy is Vicky from blog use one as a plane! The little sweetheart could fit all the way inside one and decided that, no, mummy was wrong, it wasn’t a shoe organiser…it definitely was a plane and could fly!

We also had a fab review from Emma Iannarilli from blog who uses hers in her conservatory so that it is handy right when she walks in her back door. Here is one of her great photos showing how her family pile loads of pairs of boots in one of our crates.

Kaiden, a new daddy blogger from website, loves muddy walks and regular trips to the park with his son and has really enjoyed the benefits of somewhere to put the muddy welly boots. He was pleasantly surprised with the size of the crate and also the RRP of £29.99. In his words is was "a right bargain"!

So if you are looking for a shoe tidy that is inexpensive and delivered right to your door then look no further.... Our Muddy Boots crate is just for you!

To find out more or to purchase with FREE next day delivery to most UK here.