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APPLE BOX: How to use a wooden crate at your vintage wedding.

Posted by admin_vintage 18/04/2018 0 Comment(s) Outdoor & Garden,

When you are planning a wedding it is often very daunting. This is what we hear from the many brides who come to us when planning for their big day. The challenge is adding that all-important rustic ambience, that wow factor when walking into a reception, that special something that sets the magic, it is what everyone is after.

The rustic feel can start as soon as your guests start arriving, the sign on the way in is a great way to set the mood of the day. Our wedding stake signs do just the trick, all they need is a tap into the ground, a perfect job for the groomsmen.

It is very common these days for people to gift money on the special day, what better way than to keep this all organised than having your own personal wedding post box. These boxes are not only great on the day, but also once removing the lid, can be converted into a keepsake planter. You could even plant the types of flowers in your bouquet, for the day to live on.

The mixture of rustic wood and flowers is hard to beat; a vintage apple crate mixed with some old jars and some wildflowers can be ever so lovely. It can also be very affordable as it means you don’t need anywhere near the volume of expensive flowers to create a feeling of lusciousness.

If you are looking to stock your own drinks, you could create an apple crate bar. You can go all out or with only 9 crates screwed together you have a lovely rustic wooden looking front, with the inner sections of the crates available for storing the bottles and glasses at the back.

Another great idea for outdoor wedding events or ceremonies is to use apple crates as seating pods. A crate turned upside down is a rustic and affordable way to seat your guests. Perfect for a service on a farm, woodland or beach.

However you choose to use your crates on your special day, we are sure they will look fantastic. We would love for you to share your pictures with us on social media. Your pictures are such fabulous inspiration!