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Large Wooden Crates

Large Wooden Crates

Commercial bins and large wooden crates have traditionally been used by farmers’ market vendors and produce vendors because they are ideal for showcasing bulk and bigger items for sale, including everything from apples to melons. But their applications don’t stop there. By allowing for custom stenciling and personalisation of each commercial bin, we’re able to provide vendors with another way of reaching their market. Showcase your wares for sale in a rustic wooden bin. Storage now doubles as another marketing platform! We’re excited to be a part of your brand and help to introduce your product through ours.

Many have found these bulk bins to be equally beneficial when used for general outside storage of all kinds at home or in a commercial setting. For example, tidying up can be made easier at home when large wooden crates are used to store outdoor and patio items, such as toys, sporting equipment, lawn games and much more.

Our commercial bins are for more than just storage. The rustic appeal of each commercial bin can complement any outside space and provide a unique gardening opportunity and landscaping option. By filling a commercial bin with healthy topsoil, it can be used for large-scale container gardening. This can be especially appreciated by those who enjoy gardening but may have limited mobility or space and can no longer maintain a traditional garden. Landscapes can also use these personalised bins as functional design elements within residential or commercial spaces.

Our products are made from genuine apple crates that have been reclaimed after being used. As such, they may have faint mud or apple marks on them, the odd small piece of wood missing or uneven spot, or slightly split or uneven slats on the outer crate, details that all add to the rustic look. Our large bulk bins are extremely strong and versatile. They’re ideal for many uses, including as a raised planter in the garden, turned on their sides to become a garden bar, or for storage of large items in the garage. We also offer the added option of stencilling to personalise your large wooden bins, though if you would prefer not to have yours stenciled, just advise us when you place your order. If you come up with another innovative use, please let us know! These crates are strong enough to hold items of any weight, and they’re weather-resistant. The approximate dimensions are 1.1 metres wide by 1.2 metres long by 76 centimetres tall, plenty big enough for any use you might devise. Place your order today and see for yourself!

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3 x Large Apple Bins Pre-Order

3 x Large Apple Bins

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Large Apple Bin Pre-Order

Large Apple Bin

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1 Large Apple Bin with 16 Type 4 Crates -12% In Stock

1 Large Apple Bin with 16 Type 4 Crates

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